Multiple Income Streams Key To Career Success

One reason I was so excited to write this book with Miriam Salpeter was because it provides really valuable, actionable information for people thinking about starting a side business.

In the olden days, you needed lots of money to start your own business, but today, many of the resources are either free or relatively low cost. Fewer barriers to entry will hopefully encourage more reticent entrepreneurs to jump in.

The Democrat and Chronicle, in Rochester, NY, interviewed me for a business feature. Not only was it really flattering, I also revealed some things that may surprise you! I loved the headline “Hannah Morgan is the Career Sherpa.” I hope you’ll go have a peek and learn more about me and my backstory!

Hannah Morgan

Hannah Morgan / Todd Clausen / Staff photographer

It was a beautiful blue sky day in Rochester the day Todd Clausen took my photo by the Genesee River.

I never would be where I am today without social networks and online resources! And as Miriam and I stated, this is the book we wish we had when we were starting out!

Thank you to everyone who helped inspired and educate me along the way!

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