Multiple Income Streams Key To Career Success

One reason I was so excited to write this book with Miriam Salpeter was because it provides really valuable, actionable information for people thinking about starting a side business.

In the olden days, you needed lots of money to start your own business, but today, many of the resources are either free or relatively low cost. Fewer barriers to entry will hopefully encourage more reticent entrepreneurs to jump in. [Read more...]

How can social media help your business?

WIODInterested in making more money? Want to grow your business? Listen to this spot on WIOD, where Miriam spoke to host Jimmy Cefalo about how social media can help you either start a business on the side or ramp up an existing business. [Read more...]

Social Networking for Business Success on “Business in the Morning”

Business in the MorningWhat are the best ways to use social media for business? Miriam had a chance to join Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood in their Atlanta studio for their radio program: Business in the Morning.

The conversation included discussion about:

  • How to find your target market on various social networks.
  • The first two to three key steps when beginning the process of integrating social networking into your sales and marketing.
  • How to build relationships via social media.

Please listen to the recording via this link. What questions do you have about how to ramp up your business online?

Business in the Morning